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Secret Garden Extracts – Raw Distillate Cartridge – 1g-OUT OF STOCK-


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Secret Garden Extracts CO2 Vape Top: Atomizer Refill 1g is the perfect item for the vape lover! The concentrated. This product is manufactured without solvents of any kind; it is solventless. This top should be used with the Vape Pen Kits from Secret Garden Extracts. This product is sold in 1g units. This item will provide between 150 and 300 puffs, depending on the length of puff (3 seconds vs. 6 seconds). This Atomizer Refill contains up tp 95.35% THC and 0.27% CBD.

Our CO2 Vape Top Atomizer Refill is the perfect addition to every vaping enthusiast’s vape pen. These oil cartridges hold 1g of high quality cannabis oil, free of solvents and propylene glycol, which can weaken your cannabis vape experience by diluting the cannabis concentrate and lowering the overall level of indica, sativa, THC, CBD and other important elements of the cannabinoids in your vape pen. Vapers can browse our rechargeable, refillable vaporizer pen kits and chargers for a premium vaping experience, that boasts high performance oil vaporizer technology, ease of use and long-lasting vape battery. Our vape pens hold a wide variety of cannabis oils, which vapers are invited to choose from. Our atomizer refills come from kush strains such as God’s Blue Cheese, Pink Diablo Kush, and many others, giving vapers countless cannabis product options to choose from when using an oil vape pen. The vaping experience is highly versatile with this great cannabis product, allowing vapers to find cannabis oils with a range of CBD, THC, terpene, sativa, and indica levels. Whether you prefer a sour diesel taste in your cannabis vape, high THC levels, the benefits of indica, a predominantly cbd vape, or a CBD shatter, our wide range of cannabis plant strains will give you a great vaping experience, tailored to your unique vaping needs. Our high quality vape cartridges feature a glass chamber and a large port, making all the difference in a high quality vaping experience. CO2 oils are in high demand in dispensaries, as vaporizers are an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis products. The CO2 extraction process can create distillates for an intensified cannabis concentrate, with the addition of a heating element. Dabbing a cannabis concentrate like live resin is a great way to get the most out of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, especially when paired with a high quality dab pen. These atomizer refills are fit for the best vape pens sold in smoke shops and dispensaries. For an incredible vaping experience, pick up one of these rechargeable, refillable oil vaporizers along with a charger so that your vape battery never runs low, and fill your kush vape cartridges with one of our many unique CO2 oils depending on your individual cannabis vape needs.

Cartridge Recreational
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