Moonrock Blueberry Crumble Preroll by Moonrock Canada


Coming from Moonrock Canada’s best pre-roll seller; the Blueberry Crumble Moonrock pre-roll consists of an Hybrid AAA+ bud, blended in Honey oil and powdered golden kief. Light fresh blueberry taste with a hint of pie crumble, this pre-roll has a delicious smell and taste. Moonrock’s new blueberry crumble pre-roll will leave you craving more.

Just as all regular size pre-rolls this 1.2 gram roll comes in a glass tube and cork. Ideal for multiple light ups for such a strong joint you might need this option. Some Cosmonauts have reported 3-4 uses on one 55% + THC trifecta pre-roll, great bang for you buck!

Weight 1 g